Personal Data Policy

‘SAMYANG' (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’) prioritizes users’ personal data and tries to comply with 「the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」 and 「the Personal Data Protection Act」. Based on the Personal Data Processing Policy, the company informs of purposes and methods of collection of users’ personal data and measures taken by the company to protect users’ personal data.

This Personal Data Processing Policy took effect on April 1, 2018. It may change following revision of related laws or corporate policies. If it is revised, the company will inform on its website. Please check the website as necessary.

Article 1. Subjects of Personal Data Collected and Used and Method of Collection

The company shall collect the following data if a user inquires using the website:
1) Subjects
A. Email inquiry:
∙ Required data: Name, family name, nationality, telephone number, email and inquiry
∙ Optional data: Name of company/business, position, area and attachment for inquiries

B. Inquiry on recruitment:
∙ Required data: Name, contact details (emails and/or telephone number) and inquiry
∙ Optional data: Division of employment, division of questions

C. Automatically collected data: Website access data and service use data

2) Methods of collection of personal data
A. User’s direct input via website/email, written materials of users
B. Collection via letter, fax or telephone in the process of offline/telephone consultation
C. Automatic collection of website use log using data collection tools

※ The company offers “Consent” or “Not Consent” for each of the contents pertaining to agreement of collection and use of personal data. You may refuse to consent to collection and use of required data upon collection of personal data. If you refuse to consent, your use of services may be limited. If you refuse to consent to collection and use of optional data, there will be no restriction on service use.

※ The company does not collect sensitive data which may seriously infringe on users’ privacy (ideology and faith, political views, health and sexual life, etc.).

Article 2. Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Data

The company uses collected personal data for the following purposes:
1) Website inquiry: Responses to and consultation on inquiries, identification of inquirers, contact/notification for fact check, notification of results, etc.
2) Application to advertisement such as marketing: Market survey, customer satisfaction survey, product/service development and research, etc.

Article 3. Personal Data Processing and Retention Period

On this website, you may freely access to contents without separate membership-gaining processes. However, if you inquire on the website, some of your personal data will be collected. Personal data collected will not be used for other purposes. If the purpose of use changes, the company will take a necessary measure, such as a separate consent based on Article 18 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

In principle, the company will retain personal data collected for 2 years and destroy them after 2 years. However, as for the following, there will be exceptions and retention periods are as follows:

A. If agreed by a user as necessary to extend the retention period: Period agreed by the user
B. If purposes of collection and use of personal data have not been fulfilled: Until purposes of collection and use are achieved
C. If it is necessary to retain under other laws and regulations even when not prescribed, a user’s personal data may be retained.

Article 4. Procedure and Method of Destruction of Personal Data

Procedure and method of destruction of personal data are as follows:

1) Destruction procedure
The company shall select personal data subject to destruction and destroy personal data under approval of the person responsible for protection of personal data.

2) Method of destruction
Personal data printed on paper shall be destroyed through shredding or incineration. Personal data saved as electronic files shall be deleted via a technological method disabling reproduction of the record.

Article 5. Matters Pertaining to Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

Unless agreed by a user or regulated under relevant laws, the company shall not use personal data of users or provide them to a third party beyond the scope prescribed in 「Article 1. Subjects of Personal Data Collected and Used and Method of Collection」 and 「Article 2. Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Data」 in any case. However, under the following conditions, there may be exceptions:

A. Agreed by a user in advance;
B. As requested by an investigative agency under related laws or for a purpose of investigation following the prescribed procedures and methods;
C. As there is a sufficient ground to disclose a user’s data to take a legal measure due to mental or physical harms done to others;
D. If processed and provided in the form where a specific individual cannot be identified for purposes such as statistics, academic research, marketing analysis or market survey; and/or,

Article 6. Rights and Methods of Exercise of Rights of Users and Their Legal Representatives

Personal data of users and their legal representatives shall be exactly entered with their most recent details in order to prevent an accident. Users and their legal representatives shall be responsible for any accident that may occur due to inaccurate data entered by users or their legal representatives and services may be restricted if false data such as other persons’ data are entered. Users and their representatives have their rights to have their personal data protected and duties not to infringe on data of other people. Please be attentive so no personal data of users or legal representatives are leaked. If such a responsibility is not fulfilled, there may be punishment prescribed under 「the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」, and 「the Personal Data Protection Act」, etc..

Users and their legal representatives may request for perusal, revision, deletion and suspension of processing of personal data of theirs or children under 14 any time. Also, users and their legal representatives may withdraw their consents to collection, use, provision and storing of personal data entered for use of services.

Article 7. Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automatic Collector of Personal Data

Unless separately prescribed herein, there will be no device collecting personal data automatically generated upon the internet service use such as cookie.

Article 8. Link Sites

The company may provide links to websites or materials of other companies to its users. In this case, the company has no control over external websites or materials and will not be responsible for or guarantee usability of services or materials provided by these external sources. If you transfer to other website by clicking on the link provided by the company, the personal data policy of the relevant website is not related to the company’s and users shall check the policies of such external sources.

This Personal Data Processing Policy shall take effect from October 1, 2018.