Name of Company Samyang Metal Ind. CO.,LTD
Date of
July 1981
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The leading non-ferrous metal company


We SamYang Metal is the leading non-ferrous metal company, which has continued a leading role in the marine industrial development of south korea for the past 30 years by supplying quality non-ferrous products at lowest reasonable prices.We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services and the excellent qualities of our goods.We SamYang Metal is becoming a world premier non-ferrous fittings & flanges manufacturer by striving continual management innovation and technology development.We SamYang Metal is willing to take a role in Domestic and international industrial development as well as in improving the quality of your life by improving the standard of living and protecting our natural environment.We SamYang Metal appreciates your continued support and encouragement.May your visit at our website be a pleasant one as well as a productive one. We are ready to serve you with all your non-ferrous metal needs.

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